We are currently offering two types of sessions - both of them are offered for free at this time because we are very much at an experimental phase. So please bear that in mind when you are making your booking. If you have questions please contact evan@dreamlabs.tech.


Pre-Dawn Dream Meets


In these early-morning sessions, we rally as a group in a google hangout (check back here for those links) and discuss our intention to lucid dream in the following block of sleep. Optionally, you can share the dream experiences you had following the meet to the group via email. This is a proven way to create the environment conducive to lucid dreaming.


One-on-One Dream Coaching

30 minutes - 1 hour

With so much to learn about and explore within the dream space it can be useful to have some one on one conversations with an experienced oneironaut. In these conversations Evan will cover lucid dreaming basics, use of supplements and WBTB techniques, and answer any particular questions you might have to troubleshoot your practice.

The easiest way to attend a 1 on 1 is over a google hangout, but the most immersive way is to visit dreamlabs in Sausalito, CA.



3030 Bridgeway Ave.
Sausalito, CA