Founded by entrepreneur and oneironaut Evan Stites-Clayton, Dreamlabs has a vision of a future in which technology redefines reality as we know it.


The purpose of Dreamlabs is to create a space where technology and psychology merge into an experiential whole in which the boundaries between fantasy and reality are redefined.


Evan began lucid dreaming 10 years ago. Since then he founded a successful e-commerce company, Teespring, and developed his ideas for using technology to create dream experiences. In 2017, technology finally exists to make this vision a reality.


Dreamlabs projects begin with handling EEG output from a Muse Headset with the goal of interpreting signals from the dreaming mind and allowing dreaming people to communicate with one another. This technology will also enable therapeutic and entertaining biofeedback experiences. 


Dreamlabs is equal parts R+D lab, Mind Spa, and Therapy Center. We take clients who want to expand the scope of their experience while developing tools to broaden the types of offerings we can provide.